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  • The Love of God

    The Love of God is the reason for the existence of Creation or the universe. But this Love is far from man’s understanding of it. He needs to understand it to the degree that his species can, for only then could he adapt to the Will that brings it to Light and that weaves the forms that manifest it in Creation. The Will that Itself formed and maintains Creation as a perfect work, through which this Love can travel out and be experienced.


    God is Life and this His Will or Nature seeks to make available Light and consciousness, thus the possibility of that experiencing that is seen as being alive - the possibility that comes from moving. The process of moving (inner, spiritual movement) allows the one concerned to experience the manifestation of the force that allows for this movement. It allows the creature to experience the Love that is borne by this working, Which fills it with the desire for more movement and more recognitions or spiritual nourishment.


    The process that leads to the movement that allows for the attainment of more consciousness, which comes through the recognitions acquired in the course of said movement, is driven by Love and carried out by the Will, the Creative Spirit of God.


    Movement in Creation/the Universe is governed by Principles that issue from and are expressions of the Spirit of God, His Creative Spirit. Everything that happens and forms in Creation does so in accordance with this Will. We see it unadulterated and clearly in untouched Nature. But even in everything else, we see the manifestation and apparent enforcement of it. Only, in certain cases, this manifestation is viewed as unfavourable by human beings who view it narrowly and only with regards to how the working-out of the governing Principles affects the coming to fruition of their own small, selfish desires, which in reality do not bring them true and lasting benefit.


    The Spirit of God formed and maintains Creation and is His Will. This Will can be referred to as the Laws of Nature or of Creation. The working or weaving of the Will of God, the Laws of Creation, allows for the transmission of Light through Creation. They build and lead upwards back to God from Whom they issued through His Spirit.


    In experiencing the working-out of this Will, one is able to experience the Love of God. It strikes him as the experiencing of Light, the expansion of his consciousness, evidencing the Love of the Creator, Which allows the one concerned to see more and to aspire to, desire or will to see more.


    The aspiration to see more can only exist in one who has seen evidence of the possibility to see more, who has enjoyed the experience of seeing more, or who trusts or believes that there is more and expresses the desire for it. The experiencing of the Light of God illumines the spirit and soul of man, and animates the spirit to the point of wanting, desiring or willing to expand. “Seeing more” logically necessitates the expansion of that which is doing the seeing – the spirit of man.


    In expanding, it grows in this ability to see more of the expression of the Will of God, Which bears this Love, Whose desire it is that the creature experiences supreme joy and happiness and lights up in the process. The expansion in man is his lighting-up, which goes together with the expansion of his consciousness, his seeing more. And because of this expansion, he naturally and simultaneously vibrates in a manner that joyously calls out for more.


    His experience stays with him and helps form his inner attitude and nature, and he is aware of how he must be in order to maintain and receive more of the nourishing light and consciousness that acts as food for his spirit.


    So he acts accordingly towards his neighbour and his environment, thus spreading light. He spreads light by adapting to the working of the Laws of Creation, which he recognizes when he experiences the Love inherent in the Light that is God, Which comes through the weaving of His Spirit; the weaving that is the entire Creation, a perfect work in which this Will can be experienced every moment by every crearture as unchanging and unchangeable Laws.


    His own actions are his own weavings. He recognizes this weaving in the reciprocal effects of his intuitive perceptions, i.e., his innermost perceptions, his thoughts, words and his physically visible deeds. In the coming to fruition of the seeds he sows, as matured and developed works or forms. He sees how what comes at him for experiencing always reflects something that originated from within him, and through this he is able to understand better the nature of the working of the Will that governs his Universe. He recognizes his ability to magnetically affect his surroundings according to the nature of his inner attitude, his thoughts, words and actions, and how these works of his go on to influence other people because of the inherent magnetism in them (the works), due to their continued connection to him, who is a bearer of spirit.


    He is able to do this, however, only if he so wills, because he must look for this himself in order to discover it. It cannot be shown to him from the outside by someone else, not in a manner that would allow him to experience the liberating feeling that comes from recognising something of the nature of the Will behind the working that he thus partly sees. He must experience the liberation from the pressure of not-knowing by himself and for himself. In no other way can it come to him. He must sow the seed in order to reap the fruit.


    When he experiences this and adapts his nature to what he has discovered, he forms works – intuitive perceptions, thought-forms, words and actions that affect, in an uplifting and liberating way, his surroundings. He thus transmits light as a human spirit, mimicking the Holy Spirit that is the Living Will of God, through Whom Creation itself formed. The notion that what is good will always lead to what is good for all would become clearer to him and more matter-of-fact. And through the feedback process woven into the mechanism of this working, he is able to see what indeed is good and what is not, and act accordingly.


    The animating force of Love, traveling through the formations created by the spirit particles that constitute the energy that runs Creation or the Universe, becomes perceptible to the one who has harmonized himself to the Laws of Creation, the Laws of Nature, and also has a livening effect upon him. He cannot but wish to spread light upon receipt of this fruit.


    He recognizes and wishes for others to see that one always gets back as fruit the kind that he sows as seed. Also, that those of a similar nature would be drawn to each other to give of themselves to their homogeneous surroundings, and that the weight or lightness of the human soul, at the core of which is the spirit, determines the nature of man’s experiences and conditions. With this in mind he is able to put forth, with all of his might, only what he sees as good and beneficial for spiritual development. He tries just as hard also to avoid that which, according to his recognitions along this path, can cause spiritual harm, and as such is wrong and evil.  


    The joy and happiness that he experiences in the knowledge of the existence of a strict working that would never let him be at the mercy of chance, and which guarantees that he would reap beneficial fruit when he sows goodness, fills him with gratitude. The gratitude that he feels deep within him can only be directed towards to the One Who made all of this possible. Through this he sees worth in this One. He worships Him by striving to do His Will.


    But these his efforts can only come from his own conviction and not from listening to others speak about their own experiences. For this reason the experiences that result from them as fruit reflect what the person concerned is in need of as an experience. It is tailor-made, so-to-speak, for him.


    As a result many have come to experience the Love of the Creator in a variety of ways. As many ways as there are human spirits with personal experiences of It, for each would experience it in his own way, as it suits him with his own peculiar spiritual condition and state of maturity.


    This has also led to the feeling amongst many of the Creator being right there with the one going through the experience, as if personally guiding him. Or to the cases where the Creator is perceived to be in all things at the same time. The effects of the existence of His Love are indeed in everything, show themselves in every happening and cannot be absent from anything that has formed, because the Laws of Creation that govern all happenings in the Universe always manifest the Will of the Creator, Which Itself cannot be separated from His Love. Both the Love and the Will issue from the Creator and are inseparable. The Will wove Creation into existence and maintains it, and in the tiniest of stirrings within this perfect Work one is able to perceive the Love.


    The manifestation of one is at the same time the manifestation of the other. The recognition of this through personal experiencing would also help man rid himself of the false picture of the Love of God that mankind have come up with and spread amongst themselves. It is a one-sided picture that seeks to see this Love only from the perspective of the narrow and selfish desires of the ignorant creature that is man. If he were more knowledgeable with regards the actual nature and scope of this Love, he would yield to it and no longer desire that his version of it prevail. He would also no longer do harm to himself and his fellow men whilst under the impression that he is doing what is good.


    It is also the Love of God that will now bring about a purification of the Work of Creation to which the earth belongs. In the same manner as a healthy body would pass out excreta from itself if it is not to be poisoned and sickened, after the absorption of all that the body needs for its nourishment, so would the working of the Laws of Creation, in Justice and in Love for the Creation and its creatures, remove all disturbing elements through the process of a disintegration back into the basic units from which they were formed.


    This includes all the works of man that do not vibrate harmoniously with the Laws of Creation, as well as those to whom these works belong. The works include the intuitive or inner perceptions of man, his thoughts, words and actions. The energy surge that brings the purification greatly animates all cycles of development and quickly takes them to fruition.


    Man can experience these developed fruits as painful or joyous, depending on what he gave rise to in his past using his ability to form matter. Either way, he gains when he realizes this and makes a change for the better; he marks himself for destruction when he does not do this and has to suffer spiritual death through disintegration with the disintegrating material forms.   


    That is the situation for mankind today. Only Divine Love could make it possible for him to once more know and adapt himself to the Laws of the Creation of which he is a part, so that he need not be considered as useless for the necessary upbuilding in Creation.



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