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  • Liberating Pressure


    It is quite evident today that a pressure is being exerted on everything, on every development and every happening. A certain pressure is driving every process of development to its final conclusion much faster than has been the case hitherto. It is clearly evident today that as soon as a step is taken in a particular direction by a person, a group, a nation or a people, the consequences of said step develop very quickly to their logical conclusions.


    The quickly developing consequences also come together and converge upon the one who has taken the step or the decision, focused like a laser beam, so that he experiences conditions such as he never bargained for, but which are in strict accordance with what he had set in motion with his prior decision.


    Also, the consequences of old decisions are maturing and adding their collective influence to the fruits of the newly made ones, to exaggerate or diminish their effects, because they either agree with or counteract with one another. In all of this mankind find themselves in unfamiliar territory; one in which old, widely accepted and apparently settled assumptions are being challenged and toppled, so that those who formerly thought they “knew” are now raising their hands in reluctant submission, and for the first time uttering phrases such as “ I do not know”.


    It has become a time when one cannot see past the very moment in his ability to predict, when he has to allow for possibilities that would have in the past appeared to him as highly improbable, and so, of no real relevance in his calculations. He is being made to acknowledge his smallness and that of everything that he had previously held up to high esteem. It seems that in this process nothing is being left untouched. It must appear so to everyone who really takes the time to examine everything objectively.


    For the most part, the ensuing pressures are causing pain to many. Various kinds of pain. And in response, the part of man that has been allowed to sleep for a long time now is waking up to ask the questions “What is going on?” and “How on earth did we get here?”. Other questions include: “How could we have made such crazy assumptions in the past?”, “How could we have been so blind to something so clear and logical?” or “How could we have let this go on for so long?”.

    These and other questions are now being asked by various groups of men (people) on earth today as they are forced to experience the consequences of decisions which, all of a sudden, are yielding drastic consequences where, in the past, they had appeared quite benign in their effects.


    The true nature of mankind’s perceptive capacity is becoming clear to all, and the conclusion has to be that mankind have not been far-seeing in their perceptions and past decisions-making, and this fact is coming to light in the nature of what men are now being forced to experience in the conditions of their daily lives.


    One thing can be seen to be common in the experiences of mankind world-wide: the fact that most of the pressures affecting men have come from mankind having made decisions based primarily upon what would address material goals, without at the same time considering the welfare of their spirit, their living inner core.


    Man’s narrow view of things and of happenings stems from his considering his brain as being the origin of what comes from him, and so he sees himself as the starting point of that which flows through him and which manifests in outward deeds. As a result of this, he does not look beyond that which the intellect, which is a product of the brain, is able to perceive or detect. And where he does not look he also does not see.


    Thus, over time, he has restricted his perception to that which he is able to see and feel with his physical senses, and has made himself insensible to all else. At the core of this lies also that which scientists are beginning to discover and speak about; that we only use about ten percent of the capacity of the brain. Discovering this and speaking about it is one thing, however, knowing what it means, what has led to it and, so, how to remedy it is quite another.


    Since the brain and its product, the intellect, are only able to make contact with what is physically tangible, man restricted himself through this narrowing of his gaze to only the outward forms of all happenings around him. This meant that he could not see or perceive the actual beginnings of such happenings, or even acknowledge the existence of such beginnings where they did not accord with the explanations that made sense to his intellect, and therefore, to his earth-bound brain. Through this he placed himself under the leadership of his earth-bound brain, and also simultaneously restricted what could flow through this brain from outside and above his perceptive capacity in a nourishing and beneficial way.


    This restriction to the perception of only the outward and final happenings, therefore, also correspondingly narrowed his perception of what was possible and what other avenues could have been explored outside of what he could think up with his earth-bound and correspondingly constricted thinking faculty.


    Also, he did not stop the natural and logical development of his works as they came out of him, went through the process of its development and returned to him fully developed as corresponding fruit. He could not put a stop to the machinery of the Universe that does not take into consideration the ignorance of man in its working, but justly and minutely gives to man what he has given rise to with his every intuitive perception, thought, spoken word and physical action.


    What man is able to physically see and feel are the final ramifications of what began within him as an intuitive thought, as a stirring from deep within him, from that part of himself which he has closed himself to through his self-imposed narrow-mindedness. An objective following by him of the process of development of all that emanates from him, from inception (within him) to final fruit (manifestation in his earthly condition) would have and still could show him the nature of the working of this machinery that runs the Universe. He has to make the decision to do so in order to gain the necessary recognition. The decision from him to do so is the only seed that can bring back to him the fruit of making the necessary recognitions.


    In recognizing this working he recognizes, thereby, unchanging laws that govern everything, from the minutest to the greatest, without ever changing. He also sees that most of the activity of every man is unseen and imperceptible to the physical senses.


    Through this recognition he could have and could still see that it is possible to count on a particular kind of outcome when he sows a particular kind of seed, as opposed to the notion that now generally prevails on earth, which allows for the possibility of arbitrariness and chance to govern the goings-on and developments on earth and in the Universe. The recognition of the strict working of the laws that bring to man exactly the kind of fruit that agrees with the type of seed he sowed with his seen and unseen actions (intuitive perceptions, thoughts, words and actions), already relieves that pressure that weighs upon him due to his not-knowing.


    In addition, he is then able to remain steadfast on a path of goodness, if he so chooses, because he would have discovered through personal experience that a bad turn never has a good outcome, in spite of how it might appear at the time of making the decision; that the fruit would always reflect the nature of the actual seed that led to it, even if traditionally certain wrong things have come to be accepted by mankind as good, because men made themselves incapable of seeing the bigger picture and knowing any better, and also because the fruits of many a wrong thing done in the past only came back to the wrong-doer in his next incarnation on earth.


    Today, one of the effects of the narrow perception of man, which directly translates into the formation of a narrow-minded world community, is the limitation that men have placed on the conceptions that they form about everything. These narrow conceptions are then the starting points for many a reasoning, which leads to the actions of men. So, from the very beginning, actions stemming from decisions based on such conceptions are destined for collapse and failure, because only the smallest parts of the equations were taken into consideration. Often, completely different results then emerge in the end from what was intended by the decision-makers. The parts that they did not take into consideration did not stop existing simply because men refused to acknowledge their existence, and thus deprived themselves of the opportunities to increase their own capacity to know better the nature of the working of the process that guides everything in the Universe.


    The narrowing of the perceptions of men has also led to the metaphorical boxes into which men have placed themselves, the existence of which is becoming ever clearer every passing day, and with every argument or conflict between individuals, couples, nations, races and so on. The narrow perception of each person or group leads to his building a box around himself beyond and through which he literally cannot see. He is bound by the boundaries of such a narrow perception as now forms a box around him, a self-made prison, which keeps him from expanding and thus from experiencing the bliss of an unburdened and free spirit.


    The pressure that results from all of this weighs upon the spirit, for it is the spirit, the human spirit, which is the actual entity that is alive in man. It is the spirit that uses (or should use) the brain and the intellect only as tools for the execution of its volition or will here on earth, but it has been caged in and bound by the self-imposed limitations of the earthbound and thus narrow perceptions of the intellect (the tool).


    This entity, the human spirit, is the entity that feels the pain, since it has not been allowed to “feed” and expand as it should. It is nourished by the experiencing of the workings of the Laws of Creation, and the ensuing expansion (from being so nourished) also gives it the responsibility to act on and make use of the knowledge gained, for the expansion of and right building up in Creation, a process that does not cease for the spirit after it has left the earth following physical death. As it draws more from above following this steady expansion, it also passes more currents through the brain, causing the latter to also expand its capacity and take in more from its surroundings back to the spirit for transmission upwards again.


    The desire to be conscious and expand is woven into the very nature of the human spirit developing in matter and on earth. Every gap that exists in his attempts at achieving this goal therefore presents for it a pressure that can only go away when that gap no longer exists.


    The intellect is an earthly tool needed by the spirit for the carrying into earthly fulfillment of the spiritual volition or will. The spirit, on the other hand, is a completely different species from the material and, therefore, from what is earthly. As such, it vibrates at a different frequency and harmonizes accordingly with what vibrates similarly. That which vibrates according to the frequency of the pure spirit does not reside or belong to the earth, but belongs to a region of a similar species – the Spiritual Realm outside of the material Universe.


    It can therefore be easily understood that the perception of that which comes from such a world can only be made by the spirit and never by the differently vibrating intellect. The spiritual world and perspective is much broader than the earthly ones. It follows then that subjecting oneself to the narrower and more bound and limited perspective of the intellect, in decision-making and in interpretation and analysis, must result in the binding of oneself to the smaller and more constricted part. This must always lead to wrong conclusions and analyses, to pain and suffering.


    Through this he sentences himself to a fate of failure and collapse, since the structure, ideas and developments that are borne by the incomplete foundation would have to fall and collapse, as a just reflection of the incompleteness and narrowness of the perception of the guiding factor.


    Through the pain, which makes impact on the spirit, however, it is able to know of the faultiness, shakiness, unsoundness and incompleteness of such a foundation and its source. The pain resulting from the reciprocal effect of working on such a basis should therefore be welcomed, even if one is not able to see reason for that yet.


    Had man been permitted to reap good fruits where he sowed bad or wrong ones, he would never be in a position to stop and reflect. He would not get to the point of knowing the reason for his existence and would fall to ruin and uselessness, together with his material surroundings.


    But the Laws are perfect, have always been and would ever remain so for eternity. This means that they do not change on any account. It cannot, therefore, be possible that a man can reap where he has not sown. Such a thing only appears to be possible here on earth, but that is because the examiner who draws such a conclusion only sees a small part of the entire happening, and often considers only one earth-life in his analysis.


    It is also because he would only reap as he has sown that he would not be permitted to cause the work of Creation to come to ruin. He would be stopped in time by the just working of the perfect Laws of the Universe and, if he does not change, would be ground to dust together with all his false and wrong works. At a very definite point in the development of every form in matter, the process of disintegration takes it back to its basic components, so that they may come together (reform) again more energized in a different form.


    It is also the same with the conceptions that men form. And men would go through this process in a manner that is very painful to them if the works they have formed have been based primarily on the narrow perception of the earth-bound intellect. The conceptions that they form reflect the growth and expansion of the developing and maturing spirit, or lack thereof. Lack of movement in this regard must lead to rigidity in conceptions, opinions and ideas. A solidification and separation into rigid, immobile lumps, of the personalities and groups populating the earth, which find themselves unable to understand each other because of their increasing narrow-mindedness, becomes an unavoidable consequence of said narrow-mindedness.


    This narrow-mindedness is the direct result of letting the intellect of the brain determine the way that man makes his decisions. It is the wrong that man has done and which has affected and still today affects him through most of his works.


    In refusing to voluntarily change in this regard, through earnestly seeking a better understanding of the reason for his existence, growing in the knowledge of the governing laws of the Universe and adapting to these laws in his decision-making, man binds himself to the old that has to now go through disintegration. This means that he would be drawn into the process of disintegration himself, rather than continue to develop spiritually after he has left the earth, right up to the time when he gets back to his origin in the Spiritual Realm whence he came as a seed, but this time as a mature and capable fruit, eternally able to consciously transmit the currents that get to him from the Origin of Life Itself, to the material worlds that lie below him.


    This process has already begun. The increasing intensification of the pressure of the Light now increases the speed with which everything goes through the process of its development to flowering and bearing fruit. The nature of the resulting fruits give expression to how mankind’s works have harmonized over millennia with the Will of God.


    The disharmony between the Will of the Light and the volition of men, which is revealed in their works, leads to these works colliding with the Light pressure rather than being uplifted by its effects. Man feels the collision psychically and in the conditions of his earthly life, where he did not beforehand make a change in his attitude to avoid a more direct collision.


    The insensitivity of most of the human beings developing on earth to their ethereal surroundings have kept them from feeling enough pressure in that part of their world, and thus from making the required changes to their way of thinking and viewing their responsibilities. The pressure that holds the possibility of bringing the awareness of all this to today’s mankind now comes through that part which they have declared through their actions to be their only reality – the physical.


    Only through the physical substance can many a man now feel anything strong enough to move him towards making a change in an upward direction. Through happenings in the physical realm today many are receiving shocks to their spiritual cores, which alone are able to move them to the point of asking the questions that should have occupied the human spirit as ones of a paramount nature. Without such questions from the human being, however, there cannot be any answers.


    Now, as mankind watch and see how powerless their intellects are in the face of the problems that they have, in conceited ignorance, created for themselves, the fruits of which are now maturing and falling to them in the reciprocal action, they may start to recall that there is after all One Who can help and Whose assistance they had thought themselves too wise and too clever to seek in the past.


    Men have never really known the Will of God, to the degree that it is possible for the human spirit to know It. They have only listened to other developing human beings, with their flaws and narrow perceptions and interpretations, and have taken edicts and pronouncements by them to represent the Word of God. But the Will of God can be “seen” or perceived in the Laws of Nature by any human being who decides to do so. And every person is well-equipped to discern the Will of God in his hourly and daily interactions with his surroundings, for the Laws of Nature express and manifest the Will of God.


    Through applying these laws to himself in his thinking, speaking and acting he would always be able to grow in his understanding of the Law of Reciprocal Action (cause and effect), the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species and the Law of Spiritual Gravity. He would come to the point of seeing the perfection in the working that brings to him the just fruits of the seeds that he sows with his actions. His actions include his intuitive perceptions, his thoughts, words and physical deeds. Only through this process, experienced personally, could he become convinced in his knowledge of this Will. He bases his actions on assumptions, pseudo-knowledge and narrow-mindedness, when he lacks this personally attained conviction.


    Many have misrepresented the Will of the Creator, and these have mainly been the ones whose actions and wrong opinions have drawn scoffing and derision from thinking people, who could not reconcile illogical statements coming from groups of “believers” with what they could intuitively sense themselves. The false pictures of God that have stemmed from the caricatures transmitted in this way have stayed in consciousness of many a person who would like to know more about the world beyond what he is able to physically see. With their rejection of the false pictures of God, however, many also rejected the idea of any continued existence of the human spirit after the death of the body that it used while on earth.


    This was a part of the limitation of the perception of such earth-men, who thought development in this direction to be progress. But now they cry out to those whom they had trusted to provide for them, and it is becoming clear to many, through pain and suffering, disappointment, fear and anger, that the promises of the intellectuals had been empty. They could not but be empty promises since the intellect is in no way capable of addressing the needs of the human spirit, which is of a completely different and a much higher species.


    Ignorance of all this, however, cannot prevent the development to fruition of all that men have wrongly formed. It is, in fact, the fruits of their not-really-wanting-to-know that have led to the ignorance in question, for the opportunity to know was made available to every human being in equal measure. The machinery of Creation goes on working uninterrupted, in spite of mankind’s general ignorance, and man must still come to know Creation and adapt to its laws in order to successfully make it through this on-going process of purification.   


    Now that the pressure is becoming more perceptible to many, they may after all find the time and the energy to ask the questions about the reason for their existence in Creation or the Universe. Having lost the conceptions that they had relied upon and considered to be right without any real and earnest personal investigation, they would now be forced to ask for help, even if it requires more crushing blows to their psyche.


    Happy would be the person who does not wait until events catch up with him, who does not regard the opinions of the masses as right simply because they belong to the majority on earth. The pressure that comes with the on-going purification prepares the willing person to quickly fill the gaps that exist within him with regards to the reason for his being alive, and the path to its realization. Such gaps must in any case be filled if there is to be fulfillment of the purpose of any human being’s existence.


    In fulfillment of the promise given by the Light through prophets and Light bringers in the past, the pressure today comes together with the Counsel that offers explanations to all who earnestly seek them. The explanations of the Laws operating in the Universe are at the same time the explanations of the Will of God Who made the Universe. To know and adapt oneself to the working of these natural laws is to come closer to understanding and living in accordance with the Will of the Maker of the World we inhabit.


    The pressures from which man can now get liberation, if he so wills, come to him in the forms of the collapse of the institutions, governments, organizations, politics, law-making, marriages, unions, general conceptions, etc., which have been built on intellectual calculation, and which he remains bound to through his ignorance of and non-compliance with the natural Laws of Creation. All that had been put together under the guidance of the narrowly-confined perceptive capacity of the intellect will now crumble upon itself. It does so as it shows the barrenness of the fruits expected from the leadership of the intellect, which really should serve the spirit as a tool. Those who have believed in and supported its (the intellect’s) supremacy over the spirit have also been bound to the works that have to collapse under the advancing pressure. The pain that mankind is reeling under is a consequence of this one and original sin.


    The pressure that now makes him seek true knowledge, through direct experiencing, must therefore be seen as liberating pressure. It liberates him from the world of Darkness, of not-knowing, which would have taken him down for eternity, because he would have been drawn into disintegration together with said world, a process that would have led to the painful falling apart of the personality that he had formed over several millennia and earth-lives, but which could have been preserved for eternity had it been formed aright and proved useful and able to live in the spiritual realm, which is eternal by virtue of its connection and relative closeness to the eternal Realm of God.


    Let man therefore open his eyes, for we all today stand in the process of purification, a time when our works will pronounce a final judgment upon us, allowing us to rise spiritually higher for continued growth and maturation, or taking us down and crushing us to spiritual dust or seed, as a consequence of our decision to be useless for Creation. 


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