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The Waters Within


In the deep waters

the expanses of Self

where stillness lies

and eternity rests

the things of the World enter in

and skip along the surface.

Like a stone thrown by a hand.


And the ripples,

our reactions and responses

tell the tale of who we are,

outline the regions of the World that is within.

Defining them, as if someone was reaching in

and feeling the textures of the surfaces.


The stone touches down and a wave is created.

Something is released:

Upon its birth

it has no earthly form,

it’s shape then moulded

with the rough hands of the Mind.

But before it is a thought, before a word or action

it is a soundless wave

carrying the frequency of the vibration

at which the Self resonates.

Such is the song that we sing.

At the core the notes are made.

And through the lines and connections between hearts

we can hear it. 








©  Dalida Iruoha.


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