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Trumpet Calls



Sampson Iruoha



A good part of mankind await a world-changing event in this time or in the near future for which there would be trumpet calls announcing its commencement, but no two of such individuals have an identical picture of what these trumpet calls would “sound” like. This is a consequence of the uniqueness of each individual human spirit, who has a unique part to play in the collective work that needs to be done in the World of Matter that has been given to human spirits as a home and a school.


Each human spirit, each person, would see with his unique talents from only one particular viewpoint that agrees with the specific talents. The right development of said talents would naturally contribute to the right development of a portion of life in the World of Matter, which in linking up with the other rightly-developed portions under the responsibilities of other human spirits would lead to a wholesome fruit; a replication on earth and in the other planes of matter of what already exists in more glorious and more beautiful forms in the Spiritual Origin of men.


Men stand with their individual talents like transmission points in the flow of electrical currents. Through them are to flow spiritual currents, which animate and form worlds as they extend Creation according to a Volition or a Picture. This ideal Volition that is to be replicated to the best of the abilities of human beings can only be seen by each person in part. The part that each person can see is the part that he has been amply prepared and gifted to see. He is able to completely fulfill his part when he has become able to fully see his part. The seeing here is the first action by man in any matter, which then later on influences the physically visible action that he carries out. The seeing, like everything else with man, is to be developed to the highest state possible for the human spirit. Only then could he truly serve of as a mediator of light radiations.


Thus according to man’s seeing, i.e., his intuitive perception, which must agree with his inner attitude, he is equipped to transmit a part of the Picture of how things should develop and be into his earthly environment. His physical body, with its brains (frontal and hind brains, or cerebrum and cerebellum) and other organs, serve to bring the inner perception into earthly physical form, at the end of a chain of transmission that begins for the human spirit in the Spiritual Realm.

But only the one who has rightly developed the talents with which he has been gifted and which lie inherent in his particular nature, can accomplish this very important task. He accomplishes the task simultaneously with the development of these talents, for they are needed for the right transmission of the right pictures into the earthly environment, one perception, thought, word and action at a time. The right development of the talents goes together with the right transmission of the corresponding currents or effects.


Like a developing flower, only when it has bloomed is the beauty clearly apparent, but not before. But the steps towards the development of the bloom must be accompanied by diligence and care.  A slight deviation or distortion at any step could lead to the flower not opening or developing rightly. For man, the time for the step-by-step development is in each moment, and every hour is composed of several moments.


He adds to what is developing within him and around him (invisible and visible to his physical eyes) in accordance with the attitude that he bears in the moment. It is this that forms the seed for everything that then later appears to him to be great and momentous, either to lift him upwards towards greater recognitions and the right completion of his journey back to his spiritual origin, or to crush him and cause him to sink deeper into a narrower world where he sees even less and risks failing to complete this necessary cycle.


In the state where he has been crushed by the consequences of his self-imposed blindness, he continues to move under the compulsion of the irresistible radiations of Life, of God. How these radiations hit him will depend on how he stands with regards to the development of the gifts entrusted to him, and for which development he bears the sole responsibility. Where he has not developed these aright the effects of the animating Light-rays on what he has formed will be unfavourable. This unfavourableness could then take on several forms, none of which would feel or appear pleasant.


Due to the fact that all happenings bear the Divine Love and Justice within them, the ripened but distasteful fruit that will result from wrongly-developed talents could serve to alert the person concerned to areas in his conceptions and attitude where work needs to be done. He therefore gets to know that something needs to change just in those areas where he feels great opposing pressure.

Where the Rays of the Light meet with what has developed rightly, then the rightness of the latter would show itself in the feel and effect of the blossom, as  having aligned with the natural working of the Volition that governs all of Creation; with the Laws of Nature that bear Creation. Such alignment always leads to an uplifting experience that is favorable in every regard, even if self-created obstacles have to be overcome on the way. The one concerned could then also be encouraged to continue such work as led to this kind of fruit.


For the most part, however, mankind on earth have developed a wrong sense of priority and focus and have turned upside down for themselves the normal process of all developments. They have done so through making the intellect the producer of the guidance that governs their perceptions, thinking, speaking and acting. By so doing they lowered the antennae through which they are meant to draw down guidance or currents for transmission into their material and earthly surroundings.

With lowered antennae they could then only draw inferior currents that allowed them to form inferior and distorted works, through which more of the same kinds of currents flowed back to them in the reciprocal effect of the working of the governing Laws of Creation. They formed a narrow world that tended towards even more narrowness. In the ensuing narrowness they could not even detect the origin of the obstacles that confronted them as the distasteful fruits of their misguided labours.

They reaped fruits that minutely and accurately corresponded with the narrow and inferior bases upon which they made decisions; bases that grew out of a reliance on the earthbound and therefore narrowly-confined intellect. Their reasons for doing things were not very high ones but hovered close to what was earthly. In other words, they did not reach upwards in their attempts at drawing currents for the work that they did. For the nature of the currents drawn must correspond to the reason for the action being taken. And the reason for the action taken determines the nature of the currents that automatically flow to and through the one initiating the action, towards that which is formed with the action.


If the reason for a particular inner feeling, a thought, word or action is due primarily to an earthly concern, i.e., for the procurement of something purely earthly such as money, earthly position, or because of a purely physical form of attraction between a woman and a man, or because of dark emotions such as greed, fear, hate, and so on, then the nature of the currents that would be simultaneously drawn for the purpose of nourishing the growing form of this perception will be one that is correspondingly low and dark. Only what is distorted could form in such a case since the picture or motivating volition of said currents would differ greatly from the high and pure Volition that governs all right developments from above. The narrowness of the reason for the decision would express itself in the manner in which the outcome would appear to address only very narrow ends. In reality, however, such narrow ends would not even be well-served, because in a very short time the remedy procured would no longer be sufficient and efforts would get under way again to solve the new forms of the old or improperly-addressed problems.


For this reason mankind have built up communities and institutions that are based mainly on short-sighted visions of what are to bring benefit. In each of the cases where the ugly and distasteful fruits have ripened and are now being harvested, to the dismay and distress of many a person, one can always be certain to find narrow-mindedness at the point of the decision-making that led to it. One would always find that what would bring lasting benefit to the human spirit was not at the core of the decision-making process.


It then appears as though many other things were considered while making the decisions except what would truly benefit human beings. What the ones who then complain about the fruits of this often fail to see, however, is the part that they individually played in the nourishing and development over time of precisely the outcome that they are now forced to reap, just through the way that they also always paid little attention in their own decision-making processes to what would truly benefit their fellowmen. The decision-making is carried out by man through the way he intuitively perceives, thinks, speaks and acts.  


Hence the lowering of the perceptive capacity of the individual through basing his actions mainly on earthbound interests and reasons, leads to the formation of works that are ugly and distorted. Such a person removes himself from having access to the pure Volition that only leads to beauty and goodness. The ugliness and distortion are experienced in various ways, including the way in which the laws of the land hinder development of clearer perceptions by those who inhabit it. It could also take on the form of the general feelings of injustice, of immorality, of a considerable and growing lack of concern and compassion directed towards one another in a community, in wrong upbringing and education of children, in short, in all the ways that keep the human mind preoccupied with narrow self-interests so that only narrow-minded results emerge as fruits.


Had mankind made their decisions with the desire to know more of the Way to rightly stand and work in the Universe that is their home, had they sincerely borne the desire to act according to this Way, then their moment-by-moment decisions, made through the way they intuitively perceived and also outwardly expressed this inner perception in their speech and actions, would have led only to beautiful works that would have even amazed them. In being amazed their regard for the One Who made all this possible would only grow, and only expressions of thanks would rise from men towards Him. There would be no complaints, for all happenings would be understood or at least be clearly recognised to be just and logical, and the thoughts and gaze of men would be on how to see more of refreshing and nourishing nuggets of the working of the perfect of Laws of Creation.


But the opposite was the case and so cries instead of blissful songs of praise for the Most High can be heard all around. Today cries for help can be heard from all corners of the globe, even if superficial ways of looking at things make it difficult to discern the misery that many are suffering under, privately or publicly. Even if many cannot see how they themselves are also on a path towards a head-on collision with the consequences of their own past wrong conceptions.


When help came many times in the past through prophets and called ones, people generally did not wish to leave their old habits and ways in order to implement and test out the teachings brought to them for their own benefit. Some of those who listened to the teachers continued to maintain that downward-tending desire for their own will to prevail, and only superficially and outwardly tried to exhibit piousness. The result was that the lessons that were to be learned through practicing what was brought remained elusive for mankind.


The inner natures of men did not change for the better, instead, conceit and vanity grew, further blocking man’s gaze and his ability to perceive from higher planes. As those who spoke with their mouths about God but practiced something different within themselves, expressed outwardly that which they bore within, mankind in general grew to treat the subject of the worship of God more superficially and without the right regard, and did not get to see or experience the real connection between the true worship of God and how things developed for them in the physical sense. They consciously or unconsciously separated the two worlds into the realistic (physical) and the spiritual. It followed then that the conceptions associated with spiritual enlightenment were ones of secondary importance to earthly matters and concerns in the minds of many. They were only to be considered after one had already dealt with the “serious” matters of physical wealth and wellbeing. 


But since the earthly formations only took after the inner natures of men, things on earth formed in the chaotic manner that can now be felt everywhere. For there to be joy, peace and harmony again, there must a different building-up from the foundation. The right order must be restored within the individual who would wish to partake in the new. The spiritual upbuilding and maturation must take a higher position over everything else, for only in such a manner could the material be formed in a manner that could be called beautiful.


The Word and the Way came in and as Jesus to help those who still bore a true desire for knowledge. He came outwardly as a man but with a core that is One with the Word, the Way, the Light, God. He came therefore as a Part of the Light, since the Light Itself could not come to this near-insignificant and tiny part of Creation.


He came with corresponding currents of Power that affected everything that was connected to mankind, so that it began to move more animatedly, to express its true nature and prepare to get a passing or failing grade at the end of the allotted schooling period. With this animating Power also came the lessons and teachings that He brought to help those who were willing to see where things were wrong and to make changes.


Unfortunately many considered His coming and His being murdered (due to mankind’s existing worship of the intellect, which led them towards Darkness) to be a sacrifice that wiped away man’s guilt and removed the need for him to strive with all his strength to make use of what the Word brought.


This wrong assumption and the associated conceptions stood and still stand as great hindrances to the right perception of the situation for many a so called believer today, and also for a great portion of “non-believers”. Many “believers” see the work as having been done already, whilst the inherent injustice in the assertion that One from the Light could come to be killed so that man would through that act be freed from his self-acquired guilt, has kept many a questioner from taking what comes from churches seriously.


Before His Work was prematurely ended due to mankind’s refusal to accept what He brought, Jesus promised those Who still desired to know  that Another would come, Who would remind men of what He (Jesus) had said, and with Whom would come the Judgement. He (this Other) would bring the Judgement because He would also be coming as a Part of the Light and with corresponding Power. This Power has the effect of animating everything as soon as it makes contact with it, because this Power is the Power of Life. It comes from Life, and it is the radiation of Life that causes all the movements and developments that we consider to be signs of life. The more this Power is felt by any species or world, the greater or faster the movement is within that species or world.


The accelerated pace of happenings and developments that will naturally accompany the promised Part of the Light will bring about the rapid conclusion of all that has been gradually developing as the formed works of men. These works would have been developing over several millennia, in the course of several lifetimes on earth, through their intuitive perceptions, thoughts, words and actions. Their originators would not have yet atoned for them, received the consequences thereof, or changed for the better with regard to particular guilt-forms, and so connecting threads would still have them linked to developing forms of their past works. All the fruits therefrom, under the pressure of this strong Power, will come to their originators as if all at once, concentrated within a relatively short span, bringing to them experiences of such intensities as would bring them out of their spiritual sluggishness for ascent, or, if they choose differently, cause them to sink to depths from which they would no longer be able to rise, since they would have been driven too far from what is light and what could influence them to again look upwards. Purification and separation therefore occur as automatic consequences of the surge of energy.  


In the course of the happenings at the time mentioned above, as the effects of the accelerated pace of developments touch mankind, many would perceive trumpet calls, urging them to make ready with all the strength they can muster for the recognition of that which alone is able to show them the way upwards in their final hour.


Others would be stirred up in the whirl pool of the turbulent waves of the happenings and the time, together with the faults and weaknesses that they would be too blind, narrow-minded and conceited to see, only to make use of the final hour for the expression of a last bout of aggression against the Light and against service to the Light, and with the existing quickening of everything swiftly receive the blow that would be the just reciprocal effect of such actions if there is to be peace, joy and harmony on earth and in matter. They will then never be able to exist again as personalities with the capacity to form works, and would have proved themselves unable to do so.


Today, everything is accelerated in the pace of its development. Everything is being touched so that people all over the world are questioning the soundness of the foundations upon which they have hitherto built their conceptions, lives, communities, businesses and so on. The shaky foundations upon which many a thing is built are being revealed through implosions and rapid disintegrations, showing for the first time to many the true natures of such foundations.


The associated pain and shock of the collapses and the consequences of such discoveries are prompting many to start asking questions about the real purpose of existence, and whether or not it is at all possible to be certain of anything. Thus such happenings are creating the conditions for human beings to ask the questions that must precede corresponding discoveries; discoveries of real and lasting values without which the way upwards could never be discerned. Also, today, there exist explanations about Creation and the Laws governing and operating in it so that no one who seeks is left without answers to all his earnest questions.


Today, many hear trumpet calls, although they do not always know what to make of them or how to act in response to them. Others insist that everything that is happening now has happened several times in the past, can be explained scientifically and so should not be viewed in any special way. They do not recognise something new in the frequency and intensity of the happenings and their effects. Their superficial assessments and perceptions provide evidence of the just reciprocal effect of the seed of not-wanting-to know; the seed that must yield the fruit of not-knowing. And so it would be, according to the Law of Reciprocal Action which, together with the other Laws of Creation, is greatly intensified its effects today. 

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